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AMSTAR Publications
Shea BJ, Reeves BC, Wells G, Thuku M, Hamel C, Moran J, Moher D, Tugwell P,
Welch V, Kristjansson E, Henry DA. AMSTAR 2: a critical appraisal tool for systematic reviews that
include randomised or non-randomised studies of healthcare interventions, or both
. BMJ. 2017 Sep 21;358:j4008
  • This article describes the development process of AMSTAR 2 in detail.
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Shea BJ, Grimshaw JM, Wells GA, Boers M, Andersson N, Hamel C, Porter AC, Tugwell P, Moher D, Bouter LM. Development of AMSTAR: a measurement tool to assess the methodological quality of systematic reviews. BMC Med Res Methodol. 2007 Feb 15; 7:10. PMID: 17302989.
  • This was the first publication that was published when AMSTAR was first developed and launched. It began with a 37-item assessment tool  that was applied to 99 paper-based and 52 electronic systematic reviews. Exploratory factor analysis was used to identify underlying components. The results were considered by methodological experts using a nominal group technique aimed at item reduction and design of an assessment tool with face and content validity.
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Shea BJ, Hamel C, Wells GA, Bouter LM, Kristjansson E, Grimshaw J, Henry DA, Boers M.AMSTAR is a reliable and valid measurement tool to assess the methodological quality of systematic reviews. J Clin Epidemiol. 2009 Oct; 62(10):1013-20. PMID: 19230606
  • This article measured the agreement, reliability, construct validity, and feasibility of AMSTAR. The authors found that AMSTAR had good agreement, reliability, construct validity, and feasibility.
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Shea BJ,  Bouter LM, Peterson J, Boers M, Andersson N, Ortiz Z, Ramsay T, Bai A,  Shukla VK, Grimshaw JM. External Validation of a Measurement Tool to Assess Systematic Reviews (AMSTAR). PLoS ONE. 2007; 2(12): e1350. PMCID: PMC2131785 
  • AMSTAR was used to appraise 42 reviews focusing on therapies to treat gastro-esophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer disease, and other acid-related diseases. Two assessors applied the AMSTAR to each review. Two other assessors, plus a clinician and/or methodologist applied a global assessment to each review independently.
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Shea B, Andersson N, Henry D. Increasing the demand for childhood vaccination in developing countries: a systematic review.BMC Int Health Hum Rights. 2009 Oct 14; 9 Suppl 1:S5. PMID: 19828063
  • This article is a systematic review that assesses the methodological  quality of published systematic reviews and meta-analyses using AMSTAR. One can get a good sense of how to apply AMSTAR while performing a systematic review.
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